INSTRUCTIONS: Jump in 2d with UP, Move in 3D with LEFT RIGHT

Why did the chicken cross the road? We don’t know, but it needs your help.


Join Chimken, our charismatic chicken hero, on a thrilling odyssey through a dystopian sci-fi landscape. Traverse the world of two and three dimensions to collect the universal resource we don’t have enough of: time.


Collecting time in your two-dimensional world gives you more time to collect time in your three-dimensional world. Then you can collect time in your three-dimensional world for your two-dimensional one. Am I repeating myself? What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Chimken Run has been lovingly hand crafted over the span of 48 hours for Game Jam Aotearoa 2023. The theme for this years game jam was “something new and something old”. We took that theme to explore a game that could both be a love-letter to the retro games that got us all where we are today, and a utilisation of the 3D space we now use in video games. Get ready for the best of both worlds, bagawk! 

Made with ❤️ by moddismsAscendRealitynzKieranAvi Vajpeyi

Source CodeTBA
3D ModelsnzKieranSynty Scifi City pack


Chimkin Run v1.01 windows.rar 31 MB
Download 19 MB


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Really cool main character. Very charismatic indeed haha