Game Objective:

Slingshot your rocket from your moon to other moons! Make sure not to crash into a star or get yeeted out of the system! 

To help yourself in this quest, you can change the laws of the universe in "Options" :) Figure what rules make your moon-shot easy!

Instructions to play: 

  • Use your mouse to drag and blast your rocket 
  • You can land on other planets and shoot from them 
  • Get to the Goal! 


Background Music"Milky Way - Ambient Space Music" by JuliusH from Pixabay
Code/sfx/artAvi :) 
Period-Sonification Avi + Rohan [sadly didn't make it to the game :( ]
Game IdeaAvi + Alex Obrads
Testing + FeedbackHaidar Esseili,  Conrad Chan, Rebecca Binfield,  
Alex Obrads, Rie Matsu, Shiwani Varal, 
Aryaman Majumdar, Rohan Datta,  Alex Kemp,
David Liptai, Mike Lau, Adrian Turner, 
Hans Cainglet, Veda Vajpeyi, Praveen Vajpeyi

For those curious

For testing different dev scenes (testing out different components of the game):  

  • "R" to reset
  • "Left arrow" to go to the previous scene
  • "Right arrow" to go to the next scene

Want to contribute/grab the source code?

Grab the code from  github!  

Release date Nov 30, 2020
AuthorAvi Vajpeyi
Made withUnity
Tagsgithub-game-jam-2020, Physics
Code licenseMIT License

Development log


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Very nicely made! Works very well! Cool graphics! The Moon Shot audio was a bit annoying over time lol but find my gameplay video below: 

18:50 Moonshot